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Baitcast professional over-run A

“Professional Over-Run” / “Birds Nest”.

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Baitcasting Lessons – Using a Baitcaster 101:

  • A baitcasting reel does many fishing tasks better than a spinning or spincast reel.
  • They were originally designed to cast heavier weights, short distances accurately, with heavier diameter lines.
  • With current advancements in the technology of the baitcaster in terms of faster reel retrieve ratios and their ability to free spool, we now use them for other aspects of our angling sport such as Steelheading or Trolling. 
  • This is NOT a product that you will purchase, take home and use efficiently without assistance, guidance or practice.
  • Having an efficient instructor / mentor will increase your learning curve dramatically.
  • When you first use a batcaster it might be intimidating but it is very much a learned behaviour and in time, “practice will make perfect”.
  • As today’s technology improves, a great starting point for a Baitcaster would be the $100 range as the “fine tune” settings of the tension control knob will start to be more finite, improving dramatically with each additional $25 increment.
  • Baitcasting Lessons 101 GA less expensive Baitcast Reel will definitely cause problems and will lead to unnecessary frustration.
  • Unlike a conventional Spinning Reel, a Baitcaster is NOT ambidextrous.
  • It must be purchased either left handed or Right handed.
  • Although there is no right or wrong, an individual typically casts with their strong arm and reels with their weak.
  • Start practicing by spooling your baitcaster with a Monofilament Fishing Line.
  • Take advantage of the “memory” of the larger diameter monofilaments.
  • The “memory” properties of monofilament is advantageous when it comes to untangling potential “bird-nests”or backlashes.
  • Spool your new baitcast reel with monofilament lines with higher diameters -12 to 14 pounds – even if you plan on later fishing with lighter line or supervenes / braids.
  • The most important part of casting a baitcaster is developing an “educated” thumb.
  • Tie on a highly visible practice casting plug weighing half an ounce or heavier to start.
  • Tighten the free-spool control knob until the spool stops spinning when the casting plug hits the floor .
  • This usually occurs when the weight you are using drops at approximately one foot per second.
  • This will generally be too tight for your eventual normal casting but it will initially let the reel assist in the learning curve.
  • Sauble River Steelhead March 2017 CCCA Baitcast Reel requires a specialized Baitcast Rod, as this particular reel sits on top of the rod with the rod guides also on the top side of the rod blank versus below on your conventional Spinning Gear.
  • A 6 1/2′ to 7′ Medium action Baitcast Rod is optimal for your learning curve as it will help to generate load without over-exersion.
  • Take your Baitcast Rod and Reel outside and make a short, fluid lob-type cast.
  • Swing your whole arm trying not to snap the rod tip with your wrist as you want the spool to start spinning slowly and evenly.
  • Try to fluidly lob cast with a side-arm monition verses overhead or underhand.
  • A snap cast will start the spool spinning faster than the casting plug is pulling line in all likelihood creating a backlash.
  • Keep casting like this, SLOWLY trying longer distances.
  • “Birds Nest” 101 …

    Gradually loosen up the free-spool control or tension control knob until you have to stop the spool with your thumb-  Just like you practiced.

  • Once you get confident in using a heavy weight, try lighter weights and learn different ways to cast including Overhead, Flipping and/or Pitching.
  • Don’t let backlashes discourage you – even the most seasoned “pros” still get “professional overruns”. 
  • Keep practicing! Baitcasting Lessons – Using a Baitcaster 101 Baitcasting Lessons – Using a Baitcaster 101
  • Keep practicing! Baitcasting Lessons – Using a Baitcaster 101
  • Keep practicing! Baitcasting Lessons – Using a Baitcaster 101
  • Keep practicing! Baitcasting Lessons – Using a Baitcaster 101
  • With this, you WILL gain both distance and accuracy.
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