Bare Fishing

Bare Waders – Neoprene and Breathable

We inventory the widest selection of waders in the region.

The most important part of purchasing waders is ensuring that the the inseam is appropriate.

BARE is one of last few providers of BOTH neoprene and breathable waders.

Please contact the shop for details and to discuss sizing and availability or first visit the Bare website here.

About Bare:


Inspired by one of the most magnificent fisheries in the world – British Columbia, Canada – our aim has always been to make the fishing experience the best it can be, no matter how its rivers and lakes test us. For the last 38 years, this has been our pursuit and, as a result, our products have become Canadian standards.

Technology leaps forward, techniques evolve, our experience grows and we set our bar much, much higher. This is the motivation for the completely re-designed 2011 BARE Fishing program. Not only have we re-invented BARE Fishing products, but also the way we approach the design process. We understand it begins with the angler’s needs, known and unknown, which lead to creative solutions or improvements that consider green options whenever possible. Our impressive BARE Pro Team provides the field-testing needed to ensure it is done right. We’ve paid attention to every detail.even our re-styled fish logo has a new “attitude.” We have been busy for the past four years, collecting data, testing ideas, and finally, we are ready to release a totally new collection of waders, outerwear, layers and accessories.”