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As there are so many competing brands at each price point, it is very difficult to inventory each company’s entire line-up of Fly Fishing Reels.

We order from each Manufacturer / Distributor weekly and will be happy to order you anything you wish.

Please contact the shop for details.

Danielsson Fly Reels are developed and manufactured by the family business Danielsson Innovation AB. The organization is headed by Tomas Danielsson; son of the founder and innovator Kurt Danielsson.

How would you describe Danielsson’s mission?
We start with our with customers’ requirements. We are also fly fishermen so we understand why functionality and reliability must come first. Our model range does not fall “out of style” after a couple of years; the reels fulfill a real purpose and are timeless. Pricing is based on the hours that it takes to develop and manufacture the product. The idea is that customers will pay for what they get, instead of hyped consumer trash built on advertising and marketing.

How do you see the fly reel industry today?
“Regrettably most brands offer consumer products with the main purpose of generating revenue. There are frankly too many brands on the market today and most are acquired through different trading houses in Asia. The “brands” go this route because they have no design or production capability. The resources these “brands” apply are devoted almost solely to marketing which is intended to capture and convince the consumer. They desperately try to sustain interest in their substandard products by offering new and improved models each season.

Most of these “brands” understand this themselves, but have no other choice than to participate in this treadmill. We have been approached by many which have asked us to produce reels for them. Personally, I hate the feeling of buying anything that does not deliver what is promised. As a personal and professional rule, I will never produce anything that does not have an honest purpose. I am content that we have always worked with this philosophy because a product with an honest purpose promotes itself through true customer satisfaction.”