Mikael Frodin SSS Synthetics.

Mikael Frodin SSS Synthetics:

After searching the world for good synthetic materials, we changed our thinking and created our own series that are meeting our high standards of quality and colour combinations for our modern fly designs just perfect.

SSS consists of three different flash materials, the regular Angel Hair quality, Mikael Frödin’s invention Angel Hair HD and the heavier more normal flash quality.

From the thinnest to the heavier flash mixes. SSS have two braids, normal and holographic.

Both extremely strong but soft enough to spin to the thinnest ribbing.

The two dubbings, the regular and the Glitz are both synthetics with the regular one built on an extremely translucent fiber and Glitz on longer different qualities of flashy fibers.

The whole SSS range comes in our 15 colour combinations where each and every colour is a mix of five, this gives a broad lively colour spectra that proven to be very effective.

Mikael Frodin SSS Angel Hair.

Mikael Frodin SSS Angel Hair:

We use Angel Hair in almost all our fly creations today.

In the smallest flies merely one or two strands of Angel Hair as the only flash element.

In the bigger flies we mix Angel Hair and natural hair to create an optimal and appetizing mix.

Angel Hair was a god sent gift for my fly designs.

We have often made our own mixtures, colour combinations to harmonize well with our patterns.

It was rather natural for us to start creating our own Angel Hair blends.

We have put together 15 different blends where three of them have strongly fluorescent streaks.

With these blends you can tie all kinds of creations – from the smallest fly for sunny days to the meanest, biggest fly for the murkiest water.

Choosing the right colour have never been easier!

SSS Angel Hair comes in 15 colours.

Mikael Frodin SSS Angel Hair HD.

Mikael Frodin SSS Angel Hair HD:

HD stands for heavy duty.

This is a heavier type of Angel Hair.

The material is somewhere between common flash and the original Angel Hair quality.

Many times you experience the common flash to be too heavy and the Angel Hair too thin.


The solution was Angel Hair HD.

We have longed for this material for a very long time.

This material replaces the flash in small flies and the Angel Hair in the bigger ones. This kind also comes in 15 different color blends.

You get the whole colour chart with the three hot, fluorescent colours as an extra spicy alternative.

Mikael Frodin SSS Dubbing.

Mikael Frodin SSS Dubbing:

We never did understand why you should dub without brushing.

The ultimate qualities of dubbing are to create a body that reflects and lets through as much light as possible. Most dubbings have too short strands to fit big flies.

If you brush it half of the material will fall off which makes it impossible to get the right lustre.

The structure of the SSS dubbing consists of transparent synthetic fibers, dyed and mixed with the SSS Angel Hair blends.

The strands of the Angel Hair are cut long enough to enable the brushing without them falling off the body.

The 15 colour combinations give you many imaginable variations for everything you tie!

SSS dubbing comes in 15 colour blends.

Mikael Frodin SSS Glitz Dubbing.

Mikael Frodin SSS Glitz Dubbing:

SSS Glitz is a long fiber flash dubbing with extreme characteristics.

Unlike the usual SSS dubbing that is built on translucent synthetic fibers, Glitz is built up of flash fibers in several qualities and colours.

A dubbing mix may contain up to 15 different types of fibers.

All helping to achieve those perfect glittering seductive characteristics without tangles of fibers.

Of course, Glitz is a dubbing with fibers that are long enough to be brushed to perfection, even on the largest of flies.

It is well suited for larger salmon and sea trout flies.

It creates saltwater flies and sculpins beyond your wildest dreams.

It sparkles and shines more than any other dubbing! Glitz – when you want your big flies to stand out!

SSS Glitz comes in 15 colour blends.

Mikael Frodin SSS Braid.

Mikael Frodin SSS Braid:

The SSS braids comes in a quality which makes it perfect for all forms of bodies and ribbings.

It is not too thick to overlap or to be twisted.

In my own fly tying I only use this one quality.

If I need a ribbing I use the same material but twine it into a round or oval form.

The harder you twist the smaller flies it fits.

It is simple and effective and you can use the same quality for both body and ribbing.

The material is placed on a smart gizmo that has a nice end cap that makes the material stay in place.

The braids are 2mm wide and there are 7m in each pack.

The SSS Braid comes in 15 colours.

Mikael Frodin SSS Holo Braid.

Mikael Frodin SSS Holo Braid:

This is the second generation of our fantastic braid.

We have 15 holographic colours which whit its unique, strong colour and reflection gives fantastic bodies and super strong glittery ribbings in all necessary colours.

It twists just as easy and holds it sparkling colour just as good as the regular SSS Braid.

The holographic silver and gold braid is today tied in on tens of thousands of flies worldwide!

Mikael Frodin SSS Flash.

Mikael Frodin SSS Flash:

The SSS Flash mixture is consisting of both “Crinkle strands”, “Mirage” and “Mirror strands” and a little bit of HD SSS Angel Hair gives a flash mix that is just completely raw!

It doubles just fine, soft and swimming, and how hard I rub it does not tangle!

Here you will find the 15 great SSS blends suitable for everything from the lightest to spice up the darkest night fly.

The flash is not to stiff but still not to soft to tangle.

A flash mix that swim the right way… SSS Flash comes in 15 colour blends.

Mikael Frodin SSS Tying Thread.

Mikael Frodin SSS Tying Thread:

We are happy and proud to be able to present to you our new SSS Tying Thread.

Mikael Frödin have during several decades had a good co-operation with the Georgio Benecchi factory in Italy, using the thread for tens of thousands of flies.

Our SSS threads is of the old good reliable Benecchi quality.

They are strong, thin, elastic, and flattens out just great when tying with them.

For us this is the best tying thread ever made, tested over decades – now refined and reintroduced.

All threads are on 100 m spools.

See here for other Mikael Frodin products we inventory.

Contact Us for current inventory and ordering details.

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