The Orvis Big Eye Hook in Straight Eye Style …

The Orvis Big Eye Hook in Straight Eye Style:

Tie flies onto tippet faster and easier than you can with traditional-eye hooks.

Great for fishing in poor light.

Big Eye® hooks have eyes between 225% and 306% (depending on hook size) larger in the internal hook-eye area than conventional dry-fly hooks.

Our size 22 Big Eye hooks have the same-size eye as a conventional size 16 hook!

And a size 16 Big Eye has the eye of a normal size 10!

These are some of the finest, most carefully made hooks ever offered.

Ring eye, Model Perfect bend, and wide gape for best possible hooking angle;

  • Whisker barb for easy release and better hooking;
  • Chemically sharpened—every hook extremely sharp;
  • Deep bronzing for exceptional rust resistance;
  • Even sizes: 12-26.

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