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As there are so many manufacturers both large and small independents, no one store can stock all of a company’s line-up.

With that being said, we have the broadest selection of lures in the region and take pride in keeping up to date with the newest and most innovative that the industry has to offer.

Whether your looking for that hard to find colour or size for fresh, and or saltwater, please contact us here for current inventory and or ordering details.

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Silver Buddy Lures buddy 03

Silver Buddy Lures buddy 03


This is the original Silver Buddy and it’s no secret that Silver Buddy Lures catch just about anything that swims. With it’s baitfish profile, Silver Buddy’s fish-attracting flash and vibration entices reactions at any depth and in every season. Attach your line to a snap and fish in a variety of ways:

1. Cast and let bait hit the bottom. Snap bait a foot off the bottom and let fall. repeat back to the boat.

2. Vertical Jig with short hops keeping a tight line back to the bottom.

3. Countdown to the desired depth and steadily retrieve back to the boat.

* Now Available In Gold.