Silver Tip Fly Company

Silver Tip Fly Company

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About Silver Tip Fly Company:

“My name is Brent Onofrychuk the Owner, Inventor, Designer, and Producer of some of the most realistic fly tying materials and flies on the market.

I have been in the decal, graphic design and production industry for 8 years with my first Company Silver Tip Decals.  Over 2 years ago I created Silver Tip Fly Company and I have been able to expand my company throughout North America, UK, Sweden, Denmark and many other locations.

What does Silver Tip Fly Company Offer you?  Realistic fly tying material, all products are designed from an actual insects, the wings, bodies and all the materials that we produce come sized and pre-cut.  The material used is a durable plastic material that is designed to with stand several fish taking the fly.”