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One of the most under utilized by anglers is appropriate eyewear.

Major considerations would include protection from Ultra Violet rays and from any accidents when it comes to fishing tackle.

They are a great tool to have with you as they allow for a clear view into the water by blocking out all the glare caused by the sun.

Equally important is their use as eye protection while fishing. We will not guide or instruct lessons without their use.

No matter how seasoned an angler, accidents happen, and winds are unpredictable – this could easily have been an eye!


This could have easily been an eye …

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About Vigor Polarized Eyewear:

We design performance eyewear that enhances the human athletic spirit. Through superior technology and design, Vigor removes the mind’s natural distractions and inhibitors, so those who wear our products experience the freedom to play harder. Out on the slopes, or on the highway with the top down, you don’t want distractions; you want focus. You want performance.

Vigor gives you that freedom – the freedom of total clarity.

Vigor’s custom fit and rugged design let you go anywhere, do anything, and still perform at your physical best. Lightweight, fast, bold – the comfort of shades that feel like a second skin. Don’t let conditions stand in your way. Push past your limits.

The Technology

The technology that goes into developing lenses in sunglasses is more extensive than you might imagine. Companies are looking at technologies to improve lens coating, construction, new polarization techniques, amongst others innovations. These investments, by in large, help create better quality products for customers. They want the latest and greatest, which includes protecting their eyes from harmful UV rays, durability and comfort, among others. With that in mind, here’s a look at what Vigor Eyewear and leading sunglasses manufacturers are focusing on to build better quality lenses for you!


Good lenses are comprised of several layers. These can include a hydrophobic coating to repel water, an anti-scratch coating to improve durability and an anti-fog coating for humid conditions or high-performance activities.


Two methods are commonly used in the construction of new lenses. Lenses made by the injection process offer the best in visual clarity, but are often more expensive to produce. The bent-sheet process is used to make both performance and budget glasses. High-end styles use a longer process to offer similar optical clarity as injected models, while lower-cost styles used a simplified process that yields a bit less visual clarity as a result.


Some sunglasses styles will allow you swap out lenses as needed. These are ideal if you play multiple sports under varying conditions so that you can tailor your lenses to your performance and your environment.


Polarization is a great feature if you play water sports or want to eliminate annoying glare from the sun. When light reflects off of flat surfaces or reflective surfaces, such as water, light travels in a horizontal direction, creating glare. The filters in polarized lenses block these horizontal light waves, substantially reducing glare and resulting eyestrain. The method used to polarize lenses often affects the quality and cost of sunglasses.

Inexpensive styles usually have the polarizing filter applied as an external film coating.
More durable and expensive sports-style glasses sandwich the polarizing filter between layers of the lens.
The newest high-end technology combines the polarizing filter with the lens material. This allows the filter and lens to bond without the use of adhesives and sustains an exceptionally high visual quality.

We’re always pushing boundaries at Vigor Eyewear; it’s just who we are. You’ll never see us play catch-up when it comes to the cutting-edge innovations in eyewear and design. Visit our website to learn more about our lens technology and how they’re used in all of our products.