3 irresistible bass fishing forces teamed up to create the Z-Man® Chatterbait® Jack Hammer Ever Green Custom Bladed Jig, and the bass will just have to learn to live with sore jaws as a result.

The Z-Man Jack Hammer.

The Z-Man Jack Hammer.

Developed by Z-Man, Bassmaster® Elite pro Brett Hite, and top Japanese luremaker Ever Green International, this bladed swim jig gives you an attention-getting bait that’s built to excel in tough conditions.

The Z-Man Jack Hammer features the flash and signature knock-knock noise of Z-Man’s patented ChatterBlade®, plus a unique head shape with a low center of gravity for consistent balance and easy skipping, a custom Gamakatsu® 5/0 heavy wire black nickel hook, and a Hite-selected paint scheme with matching hand-tied silicone skirt.

The molded-in stainless wire blade connection, grooved head design, snag-resistant Decoy® Egg Snap line tie, and dual wire trailer keepers of the Z-Man Jack Hammer ensure trouble-free performance in heavy cover.

The Z-Man Jack Hammer has a Natural hunting motion with quick start-up.

The Z-Man Jack Hammer is also great at dodging snags and deflecting off cover.

  • Attention-getting bladed swim jig
  • Flashy, noisy ChatterBlade
  • Low-gravity head shape
  • Gamakatsu 5/0 heavy wire hook
  • Matching paint and hand-tied silicone skirt
  • Stainless wire blade connection
  • Grooved head eliminates blade detachment
  • Snag-resistant Decoy Egg Snap line tie
  • Dual wire trailer keepers

Contact Us for current inventory and ordering details.

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