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2015 Simms Wading Staff(s)

The Aluminum Wading Staff  and the Pro Carbon Fiber Staff …

Wade Better!

Simms Wading Staff 2015 C

Simms Wading Staffs for 2015.

Two all new Wading Staffs – both operate on the same design with the main difference being aluminum or carbon fiber shafts. The Pro Wading Staff utilizes carbon fiber for its strength and light weight and also incorporates a contoured cork handle. Both staffs use an adjustable fast lock system to allow a customized length from 51″ to 56″. Neoprene Sheath comes standard with both staffs and has a nice new design of a wider opening making it much easier to stow the staff than previous models.

Please note that BOTH new staffs DO NOT come with a retractor.

Simms Wading Staff Retractors can be purchased seperately.

Please contact the shop here for details sand current inventory.