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Why Aire ?

MADE IN THE USA – control the quality of your boat
All AIRE boats are made right here in Meridian, Idaho, USA. Each raft, kayak, cataraft and SUP is manufactured to live up to the standards of whitewater enthusiasts, which includes our team at AIRE. We build boats, package boats, sell boats, ship boats and at the end of the day, we get out on the water and go boating. This is our passion!

Welded Seams – Construction matters
Welded seams are a must for raft longevity and all our seams are welded, not glued. We don’t even glue down our chafe strips. The seams, handles and D-rings are thermal or radio frequency welded. Welding also keeps our factory free of toxic fumes. Boat owners are happy because their craft is bomber, AIRE employees are happy because we are not huffing glue flumes.

AIREcells – Two is better than one
AIREcell construction is a durable, 2 layered system, which provides you peace of mind. The outer PVC fabric defends against sharp and abrasive objects and protects the air holding Urethane AIREcell. The AIREcells are light, elastic, pliable, flexible and the best air holding material available. Rolling the boats for transport and storage won’t compromise the air retention.

Precontraint® PVC – Not all PVC is created equal
We source the world’s best PVC. Our PVC is Precontraint®, this means the base fabric is stretched 360 degrees before the PVC is layered in. It also has a higher durometer, which makes it more abrasion resistant and has a high melting point. (A high melting point is particularly important when dragging rafts up and down boat ramps.) 70% of the PVC is on the outside of the base fabric to take on sharp rocks and 30% is on the inside. Our PVC is lighter, stronger and provides you with a rock solid ride.

Continuous Curve – Seamless bottom
The underside of rafts, cataracts and kayaks get a lot of abuse: sharp rocks, seal slides, sandy beaches, etc. Our continuous curve designs eliminate seams on the bottom of the tube / collar, which means there is no seam to grind up and wear down. The continuous curve also reduces drag and increases hull speed.

Design – An art and a science
We have a huge selection of boats to fit your specific needs. Raft and kayak design is so much more than an inflatable collar with a floor attached. None of our boat designs are “canned”, they are all specific and unique to AIRE.

Fast Bailing – Fast > slow
All AIRE rafts have a lace in floor system with no metal grommets. This design can dump a raft full of water in seconds, which is particularly important in big water. All of our kayaks also have a fast built-in draining system.

Repairable – And replaceable parts
Things happen on a river, better they happen in an AIRE. AIRE boats come with a full repair kit for emergencies and are relatively easy to fix. Oftentimes, the only necessary repair is to stitch up the PVC skin and float down to the take out. Waiting for glue to dry is unnecessary. Got a Grand Canyon or major expedition coming up? (lucky!) Take an extra AIREcell for peace of mind. We have designed our boats with replaceable parts such as airecells, d-rings, handles and valves.

Dealer Network – Keep boat shops in business
We have a knowledgeable dealer network spread throughout the world. A lot of boat manufactures sell direct but we are doing our best to keep your local boat shop in business. Find a dealer near you!

10 Year Warranty – No fault
We would not be able to offer a 10 year no fault warranty if our boats weren’t built to handle the abuse. If you have a problem, we will fix it. AIRE has a strong company infrastructure and a passionate customer service team. See our full warranty details (Outfitters – 5 year no fault warranty)

HLS Custom UV Beads and HLS Bead Pegs AA
Custom HLS Acrylic Reel Seat Butt Cap and Islander Handle Conversion Replacement A
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Float Centerpin Reel Bearings B Resized
Sage One Custom 7136B-6 Custom Float Rod Build with Red Zeppelin with Butt Wrap to match
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Cane Bamboo Rod Prior to Refinish AA
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2017 Simms Vibram Boot Fit Kit
Custom Sage One - 7116B-4 - Baitcast with a twist Resized
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Custom HLS Float Reel Rosewood Handles Slainless Palming Ring Red Front Resized for Web
Fly Line Welding Repair Machine Sage 6010 Fly Reel AAA

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