Fishing Headwear and Gloves – “Sunscreen that still works when wet …”

Fishing Headwear Hat and Fishing Glove Assortment A

 Assorted Fishing Headwear and Gloves.

Sage Lucky Hat Ratty

Lucky Sage Hat.

“Your lucky fishing hat is not the chosen one …

It was not stitched of magic polyester by the ancient fisher-folk of Atlantis …

Its a sweaty …

… old 

… hat …

Probably made in Bangladesh by a machine …

So toss that brimmed bacteria bucket, or let your wife burn it!

Forget superstition … You have science!”

Brrrrrrr. No matter what the temp is, Sun Protection is a year-round necessity.

Josh Resident Brown Trout Simms Glove A

The most chronically sun-exposed skin on our body is our hands, arms, face and neck.

While fishing, driving, working outdoors, playing golf, tennis, hiking, running, or just walking the dog, the cumulative effects of the sun’s rays can damage our skin resulting in photo-damage, photo-aging, brown spots, precancers and skin cancers … Especially those fair-skinned individuals.

From a strictly “Fishing” perspective, we should consider:

  • Protection from wind and chapping;
  • Protection for those nasty Mosquitos, Black Flies and Deer Flies;
  • Wet gloves for tailing and handling fish will assist in a proper “wet” release …

We inventory a comprehensive line of Fishing Headwear and Gloves.


Patagonia Trucker Ball Cap Assortment.

“Long days on the water mean sun from every angle, but fear not—we’ve got you covered with our men’s & women’s fly fishing hats, gloves and more …”

Contact Us for current Fishing Headwear and Gloves inventory and sizing details.

Simms Trucker Caps AA

Simms Trucker Cap Assortment.

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A GLX Centerpin Rod - Strip & Rebuild Cork Handle with a Custom Reel Seat and Hook Keeper.
Custom Sage One - 7116B-4 - Baitcast with a twist Resized
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HLS and TFC T Shirts A
Fly Line Welding Repair Machine Sage 6010 Fly Reel AAA

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No Guelph, Fergus, Kitchener or Cambridge Fishing Tackle Retailer will boast as complete and diverse a store inventory, including a vast selection of Centerpin / Float Fishing Reels, Rods, Clothing and Accessories.

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