The most underrated tool in a Steelheader’s arsenal is his/her Fishing Float.

We have a huge selection of Fishing Float sizes and styles!

We also have the ability to “turn” balsa and cork Fishing Floats to any specification.

The Fishing Float:

Custom HLS Mamba Turned Balsa Steelhead Float Assortment Bobber Stops AA

Custom HLS Mamba Turned Balsa Steelhead Float Assortment & Bobber Stops.

The fishing float is the fundamental component for float fishing.

Selecting the right fishing float for the conditions will make the difference between a great day on the water or catching nothing at all.

For any type of river fishing it is vital to select a float that can be rigged either top and bottom with silicone sleeves (float caps) or rigged through the center (slip float).

These types of floats will keep the line above the water, allowing the float to be checked (or held back) without pulling under.

Floats that are rigged bottom only are useless for all but the slowest river conditions, as they pull under whenever the float is checked.

Drennan Float Assortment Loafer Piker and Zeppler BB

Drennan Float Assortment – Loafers, Pikers and Zepplers.

Use fixed floats when fishing waters that are shallow to medium depth (no deeper than you rod is long) and slip floats in deeper water.

When long range casting is required, slip floats are the better choice as they are much easier to cast.

Next, select a fishing float with the right diameter and carrying capacity for the water conditions.

The larger the diameter, the more buoyant and stable the fishing float will be in the current.

The greater the carrying capacity (marked in grams), the farther you can cast, the deeper you can fish and the better the fishing float will track as it trots down river.

Larger-diameter float offers more resistance to a striking fish.

The amount of resistance that a fish feels is a combination of two factors:

The first is the force required to pull the tip of the float under water.

The second is the total weight of the rig.

Too much resistance and the fish will instantly drop the bait.

HLS Custom

HLS Custom “Mamba” Balsa Floats.

The trick is to choose a float that is large enough to get the bait where you need it and sensitive enough to show every strike (before the fish drops the bait).

If your float pulls under too often in the current or won’t track straight, change to a larger or thicker float.

If the fish are hitting lightly and dropping the bait quickly, switch to a smaller or more slender float.

Remember, for maximum sensitivity, always shot your float (add split shots to the line) so that only the coloured tip or point of least resistance sits just above the water line.

Steelhead Float Assortment A

Steelhead Float Assortment.

You also have to consider the size of your bait and the amount of weight required to get it close to the bottom.

Small baits like yarn eggs and weighted nymphs will have little effect on float selection.

Larger baits like roe bags and skein chunks will require a larger float to ensure that there is enough weight to get them down and fishing effectively.

See below for all the leading brands we inventory.

Contact Us for current inventory and ordering details.

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