Assorted Spawn Tying Materials Redwing Tackle Melnak Tackle A

Assorted Spawn Tying Materials – Redwing Tackle, Lee’s, Melnak Tackle, Atlas & Streamside.

Brown Trout Scraped Skein Tying BB

Brown Trout Scraped Skein Tied in Redwing Scarving.


Redwing Manufactures and Distributes only fine quality fishing tackle.

From our inception in the early eighties we have endeavored to design and produce only quality functional tackle.

Our products are acknowledged to be the standard throughout the industry and our success is due simply to our steadfast desire to produce only the very best, and as you might guess our products are designed for fishermen by fishermen.

Redwing Tackle is a Canadian company with distribution in both Canada and the United States.

Redwing Tackle Assortment AA

Redwing Tackle Assortment.

Contact us for current Inventory after visiting the Redwing Tackle Website here.

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We are the leading provider of Fly Fishing Lessons, Corporate Team Building, and Guiding on the Upper Grand River, the Upper Credit River, and the Conestogo River.

No Guelph, Fergus, Kitchener or Cambridge Fishing Tackle Retailer will boast as complete and diverse a store inventory, including a vast selection of Centerpin / Float Fishing Reels, Rods, Clothing and Accessories.

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