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Steelheaders are hard people. These anglers are known foremost for braving elements that would keep most sane people hidden in a pre-heated bomb shelter. Come rain, hail, snow … you name it – these people are knee deep in rivers chasing what they call “chrome” to be able to dance with the ever elusive steelhead. It was our honor, no … it was our duty to provide these hardcore anglers with a soft shell jacket that matches there awesomeness. With that, our Steelheader Jackets were born.  A quality made in Canada product!

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Fishbum Clothing.

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Fishbum Sungaiters.

Please view the Fishbum website here and then contact us for availabity and sizing.

Fishbum Outfitters Steelhead Saugeen River Centerpin Float Fishing Resized for Web

Fishbum Outfitters Sungaiter while Steelheading in sub-zero temps on the Saugeen River.