As there are so many competing brands at each price point, it is very difficult to inventory each company’s entire line-up of Fly Fishing Reels.

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Hatch Fly Fishing Assortment A

Hatch Fly Fishing Assortment.

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Dimension in the frame: We machined dimension in the frame to increase rigidity, strength and reduce lateral flex. With the reel and spool together you get virtually no lateral flex when you push/pull the two. This means the reel tracks truer and it eliminates cavitations in high-speed runs.

  • Drive cone: The drive cone on our reel is also completely unique. It is NOT a tension cone – meaning that it does NOT apply drag pressure. The cone was designed to achieve greater surface area contact with the spool for a more positive feel.
  • Spool Nut: The nut was designed to be easily taken on and off with or without full gloves. The spool nut is press fit into the spool so it won’t fall out into the water or your gear bag.
  • Drag Knob: The knob was also designed oversize for the same reason as the spool nut. It is important to note that the range of the drag corresponds to the non-audible click. It is possible to under or over tighten to lock-up if too much pressure is applied.
  • Hatch-Reels-and-Airflo-Lines-Resized

    Hatch Fly Reels & Airflo Fly Lines.

    Cranks and Counterbalance: Unlike many manufacturers who’s counterbalance is merely cosmetic, we’ve made the two pieces the same weight to achieve true balance in the spool.

  • Machined Reel Seat: We’re the only reel manufacturer in the world who does this Some will say this is a gimmick, but it’s really a matter of engineering principals – a solid is always stronger than two pieces attached together. Also, by eliminating the screws you’ve eliminated the corrosion points. We are well aware that reel seats bend and we will replace the frame if such a problem occurs. It also looks damn cool.
  • Machined Finish: At Hatch we don’t polish our reels. Why? Everyone else does and we like the machined finish look. On each reel you can see the witness marks and quality machining that went into producing our reels. Our reels are made on the most state of the art CNC machinery. No buff outs or cover-ups. It just didn’t make much sense to cover up what others can’t match. Its more difficult, takes more time, but it’s worth it.
  • Hatch Fly Reel Selection Resized

    Hatch Fly Reels.

    Audible Click: It’s amazing how something that serves absolutely no mechanical function can be of such great importance. We liken it to a baseball card attached to a wheel spoke. However, both Danny and I aren’t fond of really loud reels. That’s why we’ve chosen a low audible click. The click occurs in both directions because it does NOT ride on the one-way bearing inside the drag unit. Rather, it is set up behind the drive cone on the frame.

  • Anodization: Hatch Reels are all Type 2 anodized.
  • Maintenance: Premium products require premium care. In our case this means rinse and clean very well, especially after use in a saltwater environment. Cleaning instructions are outlined clearly on our web site at
  • Hatch-Baseball-Cap-Resized

    Hatch Baseball Cap.

    Drag: Here’s where things get fun. Like every other aspect of the reel we designed this from the ground up. First, we wanted it to be sealed – hence the drag cassette. Second, inside we’ve employed a multi-disc stack in all our models that are comprised of Rulon® Discs & laser cut stainless steel discs. The idea behind multi-disc is that you are applying braking pressure and heat dispersion over several surfaces rather than one to one surface braking contact on most drag systems today (i.e. metal to cork or metal to plastic). This system virtually eliminates start up inertia and stick slip problems.

    Hatch 9 Plus Saltwater Fly Reel.

    Third, after trying almost every material out there we found that Rulon® performed best in durability, heat resistance (deforms at 500 degrees Fahrenheit), and requires no lubrication. Which means – maintenance free. We like to fish, NOT clean. Rulon® is an impregnated form of Teflon. All problems with drag are to be taken care of at Hatch facility ONLY.

  • Made in the USA: Last, but certainly not least. This seems to be major selling factor in our reels since the industry trend seems to be moving off shore to meet their manufacturing needs.
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