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About Guideline:

Guideline Fly Fishing Rods

Guideline Fly Fishing Rods.

“Guideline is a leading Scandinavian fly fishing tackle brand. We have more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing own products. Guideline have a wide range of products that fits all levels of skills and expectations.

Guideline Fly Fishing Sunglasses

Guideline Fly Fishing – Sunglasses.

Fly fishermen and the techniques we practise are demanding more and more of the equipment we use. Fly fishing have developed to be a year around hobby or lifestyle as we like to call it. All in all this is leading to higher demands of quality. We live and practise under the slogan: It’s all about the experience, therfore our staff always secure top quality products.”

See here for Guideline Canada’s comprehensive line-up and then contact us for details.

Guideline Fly Fishing Fly Lines

Guideline Fly Fishing – Fly Lines.

Guideline Fly Fishing Logo B

Guideline Fly Fishing Logo.