New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Features:

  • Next-generation hybrid CARBON FIBER SCIV+ blanks;
  • Technique-specific iACT SCIV+ and linear S-Glass hybrid blanks on specific models;
  • Fortified Resin System (FRS) technology;
  • Advanced Reinforcing TechnologyTM (ARTTM);
  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) mandrel technology;
  • Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) blank design;
  • Fuji® K-Series tangle-free guides with Alconite® rings;
  • Fuji® SK2 reel seat on casting models with ergonomic complimenting componentry;
  • Fuji® VSS real seat on spinning models with extended foregrip;
  • Precision machined aluminum reel seat nuts and wind checks on spinning and casting models;
  • Split-grip, super-grade cork handles customized per model;
  • Full-grip super grade cork handles on select models;
  • Model specific hook keepers selectively placed per technique;
  • Single coat sealer on blank with slow cure finish;
  • Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish on guides;
  • 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service;
  • Designed and handcrafted in Park Falls, U.S.A. for bass anglers worldwide.

2022 – New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Fishing Rod – Casting.

New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Casting Models

    • JERKBAITS / LBTC68MXF – 6’8”, medium power, extra-fast action;
    • ALL-IN / LBTC71MHF – 7’1”, medium-heavy power, fast action;
    • FINESSE CARBON CRANKER / LBTC72MHMF – 7’2”, medium-heavy power, moderate-fast action;
    • CARBON CRANKER / LBTC72MHM – 7’2”, medium-heavy power, moderate action;
    • FINESSE GLASS CRANKER (iACT) / LBTC72MM – 7’2”, medium power, moderate action;
    • RIP-N-CHATTER / LBTC72HM (iACT) – 7’2”, heavy power, moderate action;
    • POWER FINESSE / LBTC73HXF – 7’3”, heavy power, extra-fast action;
    • WORKHORSE / LBTC73MHF – 7’3”, medium-heavy power, fast action;
    • FLIP-CHAT-CRANK / LBTC73HMF – 7’3”, heavy power, moderate-fast action;
    • SLOP-N-FROG / LBTC74HF – 7’4”, heavy power, fast action;
    • POWER GLASS CRANKER / LBTC74MHM (iACT) – 7’4”, medium-heavy power, moderate action;
    • WARHORSE / LBTC75MHF – 7’5”, medium-heavy power, fast action;
    • FLIP’N / LBTC76HMF – 7’6”, heavy power, moderate-fast action;
    • BIG CRANKER / LBTC710HM – 7’10”, heavy power, moderate action;
    • MAG CRANKER / LBTC710XHM – 7’10”, extra-heavy power, moderate action;
    • POWER FLIP’N / LBTC711HMF – 7’11”, heavy power, moderate-fast action.

2022 – New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Fishing Rod – Spinning.

New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Spinning Models

    • PINPOINT / LBTS68MXF – 6’8”, medium power, extra-fast action;
    • DROPSHOT FINESSE / LBTS610MLXF – 6’10”, medium-light power, extra-fast action;
    • VERSATILE / LBTS71MF – 7’1”, medium power, fast action;
    • POWER VERSATILE / LBTS73MHF – 7’3”, medium-heavy power, fast action;
    • DROPSHOT FINESSE XL / LBTS73MLXF- 7’3”, medium-light power, extra-fast action;
    • POWER FINESSE / LBTS73MXF – 7’3”, medium power, extra-fast action;
    • HAIR JIG / LBTS710MLXF – 7’10”, medium-light power, extra-fast action;
    • SWIMMING BAITS / LBTS710MMF – 7’10”, medium power, moderate-fast action;

A Look Behind the Park Falls Curtain:

2022 – New St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass Fishing Rod.

“Recent launches of Croix Custom Ice, Legend Xtreme, Victory, Panfish and other series have proven the performance advantages that can be attained using hybrid blank designs,” says St. Croix Brand Manager, Ryan Teach. “We’re building rods for anglers today that are markedly lighter, stronger and better balanced than previous models, and these hybrid designs are also allowing us to dial in specific models within each series to possess the unique performance characteristics that allow them to excel in their intended applications. In other words, rods within the same series may look the same, but each individual blank contains a different and distinct combination of materials. In the case of these new Legend Tournament Bass rods, those materials are high modulus SCIV carbon, super-high modulus SCVI exotic carbon, and in the case of some of the reaction-bait models, linear S-Glass. The specific and proprietary percentages, locations, and combinations are based on exhaustive research and testing for each length, power, and action.”

Teach says the exercise of designing, testing and building the new Victory Series opened the door to wider-ranging opportunities. “After we saw what could be accomplished with the hybrid SCIII+ material in the Victory Series, we knew SCIV+ would be next, and the angler-favorite Legend Tournament Bass Series was the logical place to deliver the exciting advantages of this new material to anglers.”

While every new Legend Tournament Bass rod is special and distinct, St. Croix Engineering Supervisor, Gavin Falk, says the three iACT Glass models – specifically engineered for hardbait applications like crankbaits and chatterbaits – represent an even greater technological achievement for anglers. “These rods introduce a third material – our linear S-Glass – to the hybrid SCIV+ blank to produce rods with the softer actions reaction presentations demand. We call the combination iACT Glass. It stands for Internally Active, and it allows us to deliver those slower, parabolic actions while maintaining peak sensitivity in a blank that’s significantly smaller in diameter and lighter than a pure glass cranking rod,” Falk says. “Our anglers have asked for this and we’re always listening, not being reactive but addressing ideas and opportunities as they come forward.”

Teach says these three iACT Glass models deliver everything anglers have asked for in a reaction-bait rod and more. “You can even walk a topwater with complete control using one of these Legend Tournament Bass iACT rods,” he says. “That’s not something typically thought of or possible with a rod that has any type of glass in it. You can walk these baits with precision and never even think you have a glass rod in yours hands until you’ve hooked up on a fish and the parabolic action takes over.”

In addition to their distinct hybrid blank designs, new Legend Tournament Bass rods also feature all of St. Croix’s top technologies including IPC, ART, FRS, and TET. When combined with IPC (Integrated Poly Curve) mandrel technology, St. Croix’s new SCIV+ material has been lauded by rod engineers and beta-test anglers for its ability to transmit energy. IPC removes hinge points during the layup process for smoother actions, and ART (Advanced Reinforcing Technology) reinforces key transition areas. “Extremely lightweight, sensitive rods are worthless without durability,” says Teach. “ART and FRS (Fortified Resin System) combine to guard against rod failure in every new Legend Tournament Bass model, which is something that’s been proven on our Dynamic Analyzer and confirmed on the water by our test staff.”

“SCIV already delivered extreme lightweight performance and sensitivity,” says St. Croix Vice President of Research and Development, Jason Brunner. “Exotic SCVI carbon is too stiff and rigid to build a complete rod out of, but when added in the right amounts in the right locations to other materials – SCIV in this case – we can produce lighter and more sensitive rods that excel in technique-specific applications without sacrifice to strength or durability.” Falk adds that Legend Tournament Bass iACT Glass models are the first carbon/glass hybrid rods ever to be rolled on IPC mandrels.

Teach says months of testing have gone into every single length, power and action offered in the all-new Legend Tournament Bass Series. “All went through multiple design and construction iterations and were repeatedly refined before our anglers and product team were completely satisfied,” reveals Teach, adding that anglers may notice the biggest difference in medium-to-heavy power LTB models. “All of these new rods are exceptionally balanced. In the heavier-power rods, we use a greater percentage of SCVI material and less SCIV to minimize tip weight and rod torque. All models have been sensitivity tested on our SC Dynamic Analyzer, which helped us determine precise placement and quantities of the SCVI material on each model.”

All lengths, powers and actions in the new series are tailored to specific bass-fishing techniques. They’ll all have the same series name and cosmetics, but each is designed for its specific purpose. “Even the hook keepers are different,” says Teach, who adds the series includes never before seen lengths powers and actions to support emerging techniques and presentations. All models feature premium componentry and split-grip or full-grip super-grade cork handles.

Plan to make the all-new Legend Tournament Bass rods your own worldwide on March 25, 2022!

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