Cocoons Sunglasses

Cocoons Polarized Sunglasses

One of the most under utilized tools by anglers is appropriate eyewear.

Major considerations would include protection from Ultra Violet rays and from any accidents when it comes to fishing tackle.

They are a great tool to have with you as they allow for a clear view into the water by blocking out all the glare caused by the sun.

Equally important is their use as eye protection while fishing. We will not guide or  instruct lessons without their use.

No matter how seasoned an angler, accidents happen, and winds are unpredictable – this could easily have been an eye!

Hook in Arm as an example for Eyewear

This could have easily been an eye …

We have a fantastic selection so please don’t hesitate to contact the store for further details and availability or first visit the Cocoons eyewear Website here.


Live Eyewear is based in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. We focus all of our efforts on designing and manufacturing optical grade sunwear that can be worn over prescription eyewear. Our patented range of OveRx® products are available from eyecare professionals and better quality sporting goods retailers in over thirty countries, delivering optical grade sunwear solutions to millions of people who wear prescription eyewear. Although our products are often imitated, we continue to lead the OveRx sunglass category with a commitment to innovation, technology and value.