Clearly Outdoors

Dr. Drop Lead Free Sinkers by Clearly Outdoors

Made in USA.

Use a better performing sinker that is also better for the environment!

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Dr. Drop Sinkers are non-toxic, lead free, and environmentally safe.

Dr. Drop Sinkers also out-perform other sinkers because you can:

Clearly outdoors dr_drop_1_50_grip_lg

• Sink your line faster with a tungsten sinker
because it is heavier than lead.
• Attach and remove sinkers without biting,
using pliers, or cutting the line.
• Add additional sinkers anywhere on your
line or slide the sinkers to a new depth
without damaging the line.

“We strive to provide you with not only better products, but also products that Clearly protect our Outdoors. Dr. Drop Sinkers are Clearly Outdoors.”