As there are so many manufacturers both large and small independents, no one store can stock all of a company’s line-up.

With that being said, we have the broadest selection of lures in the region and take pride in keeping up to date with the newest and most innovative that the industry has to offer.

Whether your looking for that hard to find colour or size for fresh, and or saltwater, please contact us here for current inventory and or ordering details.

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About Trigger X:

This soft bait formula allows these easy-to-handle baits to swim with an incredibly natural motion. As they swim they release a special cocktail of Ultrabite® Aggression Pheromones that combine natural “aggression” and “fear” pheromones to mimic the real world predator vs. prey response.
Meticulously fine-tuned body shapes with extremely precise bio-salt infused formulas match bait density to body shape for maximum action. Phthalate-free composition eliminates that “plastic” smell found in other soft baits, putting an end to scent contamination.

Building on the knowledge learned in the lab and on both hard and soft water, the creators at Trigger X® have packed all they have gathered into these panfish bait.
ACT Action, Color & Taste – the three recurring elements that consistently trigger fish to bite. Every item here has passed the ACT criteria with flying colors. The action, colors and taste work year round. Panfish, trout and all major game fish fall prey to the big results these little baits create.


Trigger X Fish Attractants Scents

Trigger X Fish Attractants / Scents.

3.4 oz. of our patented Trigger X scent formulations containing Ultrabite® Pheromones.


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‘Wild Salmon’ C&R Measuring Sticker

Adcock Stanton Centerpin Float Reel Repairs

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