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As there are so many manufacturers both large and small independents, no one store can stock all of a company’s line-up.

With that being said, we have the broadest selection of lures in the region and take pride in keeping up to date with the newest and most innovative that the industry has to offer.

Whether your looking for that hard to find colour or size for fresh, and or saltwater, please contact us here for current inventory and or ordering details.

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Yum Fishing Scents and Attractants

Yum Fishing Scents and Attractants.

About Yum:


At YUM we use the latest technology in coordination with extensive research and constant quality control to ensure the production of the most effective and reliable baits in the industry. Featuring a full line of proven soft plastic baits, scientifically developed attractant and the strongest and most-extensive line of castable umbrella rigs, YUM continues to ride the leading edge of fishing trends and tactics. Don’t leave catching fish to chance. The results for serious anglers are clear.

The YUM Bait School Technology series of castable umbrella rigs quickly gained the respect of anglers across the country for sheer toughness and effectiveness. A variety of models are available, including the original YUMbrella five-wire and the tournament winning Flash Mob Jr., as well as versions with two, three and five lure arms, in multiple weights and sizes. All are constructed out of heat-treated stainless steel, top-quality snaps and swivels and secure internal wire connections.

Bait School Technology rigs create the look of a school of baitfish instead of just a single minnow, a more-natural sight for predator fish like largemouth bass. Gamefish are accustomed to seeing baitfish grouped together, and research has proven that predator fish see that one poor fellow lagging behind the rest of the school as the weak link. Bass and other predator fish are instinctually prompted to strike, even if they’re not hungry. That’s why YUMbrellas, Flash Mob Jrs and other Bait School Technology rigs feature a center lure arm that’s a little longer than the rest. Other well-designed features include a true internal coupler system that ensures durability, a baitfish-style head/weight and top-quality hardware.

YUM soft plastic baits are enhanced with our exclusive attractant, which has been proven to provoke strikes even from neutral, lethargic fish. Our research identified seven amino acids created by stressed baitfish, but only three that produce the desired physical response to strike. Those three amino acids are included in our proprietary attractant to provoke gamefish to strike, whether they’re in a feeding mode or not. YUM – Start a Feeding Frenzy.