Dr Juice Super Sauce Trout and Salmon Super Concentrate Scent A

Dr. Juice Super Sauce Trout & Salmon Super Concentrate Scent.

We have a wide Range of Fish Scents and Fish Attractants for all species.

Even if you are not a believer in scents as an “attractant”, if it boosts your confidence level by masking unfavourable odours such as cigarette smoke or gasoline, ANY confidence booster will help the angling process!

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Dr. Juice Fish Scent is manufactured and sold by Osmic Research CO.

“It’s the little things that take good to great. From big picture to the little details, these fish scents / fish attractants enhance your fishing experience like no other!”

Dr. Juice fish scents / fish attractants are proven for years to help anglers boat more fish. Pro anglers and those in the know trust “The Juice” to attract and catch more fish. Using the fish’s powerful sense of smell, Dr. Juice Super Juice triggers the attack pheromones found in all species to turn otherwise docile fish into aggressors.

Dr. Juice Fishing Scent is a scientific innovation developed over 30 years and have stood the test of time. Dr. Greg Bambenek “Dr. Juice” explains the science behind this scientific fishing.

Dr. Juice is a precise combination of secret ingredients that TRIGGER the ATTACK-and-DESTROY behavior of the central nervous system of fish.

What do we mean by species specific?

We mean just that. Every Dr. Juice scent is species specific. Each variation of Dr. Juice fishing scent that is labeled for a particular species, uses three types of pheromones.

1. Sex pheromones; these are the pheromones that make Dr. Juice “species specific”. They are released during spawning and can elicit very strong and aggressive territorial behavior in fish. Even during non-spawning seasons.

2. Fear pheromones; these are pheromones released by baitfish when they are being pursued by predators. They use it as a way to communicate to other baitfish that there are predators in the area. Predators use it to key in on already stressed prey.

3. Schooling pheromones; these are pheromones released by baitfish to aid in staying together during times of low light or areas of dark water. As a baitfish gets to the edge of the school, the concentration of schooling pheromone lowers and this triggers the fish to swim back to the area of higher concentration in the middle. This can also help predatory fish key in on the school. All three of these pheromones can trigger frantic behavior in even the most lethargic of game fish.

Why is oil better than a water base?

The fact that Dr. Juice is oil based gives the fisherman three distinct advantages over using water based scents.

1. Oil based scents stick to hard baits and soak into plastics better than water based scents. This means that the scent stays with the lure until a fish is within range to smell it. Water based scents wash off exponentially faster when they come into contact with the water.

2. Fish oil base is more natural which makes a game fish more likely to hold on out of instinct when it comes into contact with your lure. There is a reason why commercial fisherman and sport fisherman alike use slicks on the water to find fish. Slicks are formed from OIL released by prey species after they have been struck by a predator. Fish also release very small amounts of these oils at all times as they are swimming and through natural bodily functions. Water based scents do not act the same way as these natural fish oils and therefore, a game fish will not act upon them as aggressively.

3. You have to apply Dr. Juice less often than water based scents. This again, is due to the fish oil based of the Dr. Juice formula. As previously stated, anything water based washes off far faster than oil. Therefore you will get far more casts out of each application of Dr. Juice than you will out of any water based scent. Dr. Juice was started over 30 years ago in Duluth Minnesota and the legend lives on today.

Dr. Juice fishing scents use species specific pheromones to attract target species and trigger a strike. Dr. Juice also uses fish OIL instead of a water based primary ingredient. These two factors along with Dr. Juice’s time tested reliability set it apart from the competition.

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