Fluorocarbon Myths – Fact or Fiction – The truth About Fluorocarbon Fishing Line … ( By Seaguar Fishing Lines )
MYTH: All 100% fluorocarbons are created equal.
Just because the product says 100% fluorocarbon does not mean it is just like any other on the market.
Only Seaguar makes fluorocarbon lines and leaders from beginning to end without any outside companies involved.
The difference of quality varies from brand to brand.
MYTH: All fluorocarbons are stiff.
Seaguar produces incredibly soft and cast-able lines.
MYTH: All fluorocarbons have weak knots.
FACT: Originally, knot strength was the weakest part of fluorocarbon.
With our technology, Seaguar’s knot strength is not a factor.
MYTH: If fluorocarbon is nicked, it will shine brightly.
As long as it is 100% fluorocarbon, the refractive index will remain the same and not light up or shine when nicked or scratched.
MYTH: Pink fluorocarbon will disappear just as well as clear.
Actually adding colour to 100% fluorocarbon makes it weaker, as the dye pigments mix with the fluorocarbon resins. It remains visible until sunlight is completely removed.
Originally the colour red began showing up on lures, then on hooks. It is believed that the red mimics a wounded baitfish. Red line then became popular, following the whole red theme.
The claim is that since red is the first color in the spectrum that loses its colour as sunlight is withdrawn, it will become more invisible the deeper it goes.
The colour red actually appears gray, as it is not reflecting the red rays from the sun.
The simple test is: put the red line in the water and see if it becomes harder to see.
MYTH: Fluorocarbon coated nylon has all the invisibility of 100% fluorocarbon.
FACT: It can help some, but clear coating a red car, still shows the red underneath.
MYTH: You can make fluorocarbon more UV resistant than others.
FACT: Not really, as 100% fluorocarbon is almost totally impervious to UV rays.
If it could, it would not be a factor that makes much of a difference.
MYTH: Seaguar produces the resins for other manufacturers.
Seaguar does not sell their line and leader resins to other manufacturers.
MYTH: You can make fluorocarbon more invisible than others.
The refractive index of 100% fluorocarbon is a constant and cannot be altered.
MYTH: Fluorocarbon is completely invisible and matches the refractive index (the way light bends) of water.
It is as close as any form of line or leader can get to the refractive index of water, thus making it virtually invisible, but not completely.
Some brands do state that, but it is not true.
MYTH: Fluorocarbon is stiff in cold water.
FACT: Fluorocarbon is perfect for cold water or ice fishing as it absorbs very little water, remaining soft and supple.
MYTH: Fluorocarbon has very little stretch or none at all.
FACT: Yes.
Fluorocarbon lines and leaders do stretch, but not as much as mono.
Line typically has more stretch than leader.
All Seaguar lines and leaders provide the optimum amount of shock impact/stretch.
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