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GAMMA Copolymer Fishing Line, Tippet Material & Tapered Leaders

GAMMA Copolymer Fishing Line, Tippet Material & Tapered Leaders.

The GAMMA Copolymer & Braided Fishing Line, Tippet Material & Tapered Leaders Story:

Black Knight Industries, Inc. was founded by Dale and Heidi Black in September 2010 and purchased the fishing division of Gamma Technologies in November 2010.

Black Knight Industries is a small family owned business located in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Oil City is in the Northwest portion of the state about an hour and 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh and an hour and 20 minutes south of Erie.

Nestled around the Allegheny River, the area has many opportunities for outdoorsman. We have many trout fishing streams, some stocked and some that are full of native brookies. We have lakes loaded with bluegill, perch, walleye, bass and musky. We even have lakes that have landlocked stripers. Then there is my favorite, the Allegheny River, where I fish for smallmouth, walleye, musky, catfish and carp.

Gamma Poly flex Copolymer Fishing Line Assortment AA

Gamma Poly flex Copolymer Fishing Line Assortment.

I look forward to matching my experience as a fisherman to the production/marketing of Gamma and Frog Hair lines. When a new company takes over there are normally changes that occur. I want to reassure you that there will be no changes in the product quality. It is very important to us to maintain the high standards that Gamma Technologies established in their products.

Gamma Technologies will still be involved, as a sub-contractor, treating the line with their proprietary process. This process is what gives Frog Hair and Gamma the qualities we all have become used to. That is why I, myself use it and why I pursued the purchase of Gamma’s fishing division.

As we move forward, we would like to reassure everyone that the products will remain the same and we are anxious to begin working with you.

Contact us for further details and availability after visiting the GAMMA Copolymer & Braided Fishing Line, Tippet Material & Tapered Leaders Website here.

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