Guelph Lake 004_01 Largemouth Bass A

A Guelph Lake Conservation Area Largemouth Bass.


Guelph Lake Conservation Area is a 1700 acre reservoir formed by the construction of the Guelph Dam on the Speed River.


The GRCA owns 1608 ha (3971 acres) of land and water at The Guelph Lake Conservation Area with easy shore access and several boat ramps. Fishing is popular on the lake and the river sections downstream of the dam.

Contour maps of The Guelph Lake Conservation Area are available at the gatehouse.

Guelph Lake Crappie

A Guelph Lake Conservation Area Crappie.

Boat Access:

Non-motorized boats only are permitted on The Guelph Lake Conservation Area. Electric motors can be used. Boat rentals are available from the park.

Boat ramps are accessible only when the park is open, from the last Friday in April until the middle of October.

Fish Species:

Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Pike, Carp, Panfish are some of the many species available.

Guelph Lake Smallmouth Bass 005_01 A

A Guelph Lake Conservation Area Smallmouth Bass.

Quick Tips:

Spinnerbaits and crankbaits are effective for producing mid-water bass and pike on The Guelph Lake Conservation Area. Surface lures cast into shoreline vegetation will produce explosive strikes from Largemouth Bass. Jigs tipped with live bait are successful in catching panfish and bass.

NIgel with a 40 inch Northern Pike B

A Guelph Lake Conservation Area Northern Pike.

A Largemouth Bass while Drop Shotting The Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

Basic Information:

  • Type artificial lake;
  • Primary inflows Speed River;
  • Primary outflows Speed River.

The Guelph Lake Conservation Area is a man-made reservoir on the Speed River, in the Township of Guelph/Eramosa. It is located upriver and slightly northeast of the city of Guelph, Ontario. The reservoir was created in 1974, with the construction of the Guelph Lake dam. The site is part of a 1,608 hectare (3,971 acre) conservation area maintained by the Grand River Conservation Authority.

Simon Largemouth Bass Drop Shotting Guelph Lake Conservation Area AA

A Largemouth Bass while Drop Shotting The Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

Ever since the reservoir was created in 1974, The Guelph Lake Conservation Area has been popular for swimming and various beach activities. There are changing facilities, and two man-made sand beaches at Guelph Lake; however, the park does not maintain a regular lifeguard patrol.

The Guelph Lake Conservation Area has a camping area with 104 serviced sites with electricity and water and about 190 un-serviced sites in a variety of locations, including riverfront and forest. Approximately five kilometres of hiking and biking trails wind their way through a wide variety of natural wooded areas as well as tall stands of reforestation inside the conservation area. In addition, there is a recreational trail from downtown Guelph that follows the river to Guelph Lake.

The Guelph Lake Conservation area includes two beaches, and a venue for outdoor concerts. The concert area, which has a living roof, is located on a peninsula at the centre of the lake, and is the site of the annual Hillside Festival.

No outboard motor boats are allowed on Guelph Lake Conservation Area. The only motorized boats permitted on the lake are Jon boats, which are small row boat-style boats with an electric trolling motor. They can be rented from the boathouse at the main beach. Canoes and kayaks are popular on the lake and can also be rented from the boathouse.

Since the founding of the Guelph Rowing Club in 1998, the sport of rowing has grown in popularity at Guelph Lake. From 2000, the club has also served as home to the University of Guelph “Gryphons” Rowing Team. In 2008, a permanent boathouse was constructed on the shores of the lake. This boathouse provides facilities for a thriving community of competitive and recreational rowers.

Britt Guelph Lake 44 Inch Beast Northern Pike A

A Guelph Lake 44″ Northern Pike.

Although the GRCA has hosted Ice Fishing on Guelph Lake in the past, please check seasonally to see current park regulations.

Guelph Lake Conservation Area Dam

Guelph Lake Conservation Area Dam.

Guelph Lake Nature Centre:
The Guelph Lake Nature Centre is one of several nature centres operated by the Grand River Conservation Authority. The Centre offers environmental education programs for schools, families and community groups, as well as environmental day camps and birthday parties.

Dam and power generation:
The dam at Guelph Lake Conservation Area is one of the main flood control installations on the Speed River. Each spring, melt-water runoff and seasonal precipitation is collected in the reservoir; during the summer, water is released slowly to regulate the flow of the river; and in autumn, the lake is drained to a much lower level, before it freezes over (partially or completely) during the winter. There is a small hydroelectric power generating facility at the dam.

The Guelph Lake Conservation Area

Local Fish Species
Ian 22 inch Grand River Brown Trout CC
Saugeen River Steelhead October 21st 2016AAA
Fairy Lake Crayfish March 2017AAA


Guelph Lake Largemouth Bass Ultra Tungsten 12 ounce Spinnerbait AAA

Largemouth Bass

Guelph Lake Rock Bass AAA

Rock Bass


Smallmouth Bass

bluegill (2)


Guelph Lake Bulhead Catfish AAA
Carp on the Fly Rod Thames River

Common Carp

Catfish Rapala Centerpin Float Reel AA

Channel Catfish

Creek Chub

Creek Chub

Upper Grand River Horny Creek Chub AAA
Crappie through the Ice Guelph Lake AAA

Black Crappie

Steve Freshwater Sheephead Drum Hamilton DDD
Mooneye Fishing on the Lower Grand Rver BBB


Perch Guelph Lake Ice Fishing A
Longnose Gar Pike Kawarthas A
Northern Pike Chartreuse Trout Bead Okuma Raw Float Reel Resized

Northern Pike

Upper Grand River Walleye on a Bead Head Nymph AA
Jim Boni Atlantic Salmon Petite Cascapedia 22lbs AAA.13
Early Lake Huron Chinook Salmon on the Centerpin Float Rod AAA
Common Shiner AA


Sucker Float Centerpin Fishing Mad River Bead Raven Fixed Float BB

White Sucker

Sunfish and a Berkley Pink Worm


Waterworks Lamson Force Grand River Second Year Brown Trout AA

Brown Trout

Lake Trout Lake Simcoe Pearl XZone Swammer

Lake Trout

Resident Upper Saugeen Rainbow Trout BB
Brook Speckled Trout Erin Ontario CC
White Fish Lake Simcoe Gold Cotton Cordell CC Spoon Resized for Web

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