Brook Trout Par

Brook Trout Parr.

Brook Speckled Trout Erin Ontario CC

A Brook Speckled Trout from Erin Ontario.

Brook Trout or Speckled Trout are chiefly a freshwater game fish (Salvelinus fontinalis) having a dark body with light-coloured spots.

Brook Trout are native to Eastern North America and widely introduced elsewhere.

Brook Trout are also called Speckled Trout, Squaretail.

What Speckled Trout or Brook Trout look like:

  • Back is olive-green, brown or black;
  • Belly is silvery or white;
  • Light wormlike markings and spots on dark background, some red and blue;
  • White leading edge on lower fins, set off by black line;
  • Square tail;
  • Mouth extends backwards to well beyond the eye.
Upper Saugeen River Brook Speckled Trout AA

A Upper Saugeen River Brook / Speckled Trout.

Size of Speckled Trout or Brook Trout:

  • Length: 15-40 centimetres (6-16 inches);
  • Weight: 0.45-1.36 kilograms (1-3 pounds);
  • Ontario record: 6.6 kilograms (14.5 pounds).

    Brook Speckled Trout Erin Ontario KK

    A Brook / Speckled Trout from Erin Ontario.

Similar fish to the Speckled Trout or Brook Trout:

  • Splake;
  • Lake Trout.

Where a Speckled Trout or Brook Trout is found:

  • Much of Ontario from the small brooks of southern Ontario farmland to the larger rivers, ponds and lakes of the North.

Habitat of the Speckled Trout or Brook Trout:

  • A year-round supply of cold, clear water;
  • Plenty of cover from overhanging branches, logs and rocks;
  • Streams with cool, quiet pools between runs of fast water and rapids;
  • Clear, cold lakes and beaver ponds.
Portage Creek Brook Trout

A Portage Creek Brook Trout.

Angling tips for Speckled Trout or Brook Trout:

  • Found near overhanging trees, submerged wood, rocky points and shoals;
  • Inland-lake brook trout are most active during spring and fall;
  • River brook trout stay in cold pools at the base of falls and rapids through the summer, spread out during the spring and fall;
  • Worms and other natural baits are preferred during high-water periods;
  • Use a flyrod and flies as water temperature rises, and trout move from deep pools into riffles in search of insects;
  • Use a light-action rod and a spinning reel holding 4 pound test.

Common baits for the Speckled Trout or Brook Trout:

  • Small minnow-imitating plugs;
  • Spoons, jigs, spinners;
  • Artificial flies;
  • Worms, minnows, leeches, insects.
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