St. Croix X-Trek (Pronounced Cross-Trek) Freshwater Fishing Systems …

St. Croix X-Trek Series Freshwater Multi-Species Fishing Systems:

Precision-matched spinning rods and reels anglers can trust, X-Trek delivers premium, handcrafted St. Croix performance in four all-new freshwater multispecies fishing systems for 2023

PARK FALLS, WI (June 27, 2022) – People like to know what they’re getting before they buy. Today’s consumers are increasingly educated; they research, read reviews, and try to buy brands they can trust.

Enter St. Croix Rod, handcrafters of the Best Rods on Earth® for nearly 75 years. “We’re incredibly excited to introduce these all-new X-Trek (pronounced cross-trek) fishing systems to the fishing industry at ICAST 2022,” says St. Croix Brand Manager, Ryan Teach. “Three years in the making, these exceptionally balanced and precision-matched freshwater spinning rods and reels have been conceived, engineered and handcrafted from a blank slate – then extensively tested – to provide bundled, worry-free St. Croix performance right off the rack.

St. Croix X-Trek (Pronounced Cross-Trek) Freshwater Fishing Systems …

New St. Croix X-Trek freshwater fishing systems begin with handcrafted, premium SCII carbon blanks. “It’s our new formulation of SCII carbon that debuted last year in our next-generation BassX, Panfish, Eyecon, Trout and Triumph Series rods. We’re using the new formulation with our Fortified Resin System (FRS) technology to increase the strength of our angler-favorite SCII rods while allowing us to build them even lighter,” Teach says. “X-Trek includes four versatile, medium-light and medium power, fast-action tapers – three two-piece models and one one-piece model – to provide anglers with distinct, high-performance choices well suited for the widest variety of freshwater species and techniques.”

St. Croix X-Trek (Pronounced Cross-Trek) Freshwater Fishing Systems …

Beyond the blank, X-Trek spinning models are finished with equally impressive componentry, angler-tuned ergonomics and progressive aesthetics. Split-grip handles feature the most-durable agglomerated cork material ever tested by St. Croix. Nylon and aluminum locking reel seats combine with a fingers-forward grip design to support comfortable and balanced all-day fishing. Lightweight but durable, braid-friendly black, stainless-steel and aluminum oxide guides further promote crisp, balanced, and light-in-the hand performance. X-Trek rods are finished in a stealthy Granite Grey finish with striking crimson accents.

Shorter, 6’6” X-Trek models are matched with precision-engineered 2000-size X-Trek spinning reels, while the longer 7’ models receive optimal balance and performance from 2500-size reels. Rock-solid yet lightweight skeletonized, composite X-Trek reels derive silky smooth operation from five ball bearings, one roller bearing and a proven stacked carbon drag system, while featuring a versatile 6.2:1 retrieve ratio. Aluminum, large-arbor spools are designed for optimal performance with a full range of today’s braided, fluorocarbon and monofilament lines, while a rubberized paddle grip provides optimal handle comfort and control. Black X-Trek reels with red accents compliment the X-Trek system’s appealing aesthetics.

St. Croix X-Trek (Pronounced Cross-Trek) Freshwater Fishing Systems …

New St. Croix X-Trek Features:
•  Premium-quality SCII carbon fiber blanks with FRS for unparalleled strength and durability;
•  Outstanding combination of strength, sensitivity and hook-setting power;
•  Slim stainless-steel guides with aluminum oxide rings;
•  Ergonomic nylon and stainless steel reel seat with durable, split-grip agglomerated cork handle;
•  Premium, 2000- or 2500-size composite, six-bearing spinning reel with braid-ready aluminum spool;
•  5-year rod warranty and one-year reel warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service;
•  Designed and assembled in Park Falls, USA; rods handcrafted in North America at St. Croix’s Fresnillo, Mexico factory, imported reels crafted to St. Croix specifications on proprietary, St. Croix-owned tooling;
•  Retail price: $175-$190 USD.

New St. Croix X-Trek Models:
•  X-TREK CTC66MLF2-C – 6’6”, medium-light power, fast action, two-piece spinning rod; 2000-size 6-bearing spinning reel / Retail $175USD.
•  X-TREK CTC66MF2-C – 6’6”, medium power, fast action, two-piece spinning rod; 2000-size 6-bearing spinning reel / Retail $180USD.
•  X-TREK CTC70MF2-C – 7’, medium power, fast action, two-piece spinning rod; 2500-size 6-bearing spinning reel / Retail $190USD.
•  X-TREK CTC70MF-C – 7’, medium power, fast action, one-piece spinning rod; 2500-size 6-bearing spinning reel / Retail $185USD.
Eliminate the worry of selecting the right rod and reel and enjoy fishing more. New St. Croix X-Trek Freshwater Fishing Systems will appeal to any angler seeking precision-balanced, elevated and handcrafted performance in an optimally matched fishing system from a brand they can trust. Four lightweight, sensitive, balanced, smooth and powerful X-Trek models.

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