All Yak, All Day

All Yak, All Day …

The NEW St. Croix Mojo YAK Fishing Rods give kayak anglers a high-powered, custom tool with legendary St. Croix quality.

Park Falls, WI (June 22, 2018) – The serious among them call it their “boat”.

Because saying “kayak” might insinuate their mindfully chosen means of travel plays second fiddle to something motorized.

Nada. This growing army – some wielding paddles, others advanced pedals – prefers the people-powered approach to fishing.

And finally, a rod manufacturer has legitimized these hardcore, fishing-while-exercising anglers with a premium rod series built just for them: Mojo Yak.

“This was one of the most challenging, but also incredibly rewarding rod development projects in company history, says Jason Brunner, Director of Engineering.

“When doing research and development on a bass or walleye rod, we go to species experts who invariably fish from traditional, motorized boats, so we don’t have to think as much about the watercraft, rather focusing squarely on power, action, lure-selection and general rod performance.”

“With Mojo Yak, how an angler fishes inside the kayak environment, given its space restrictions, is as important as what they’re fishing for.

And I think kayak anglers will find that St. Croix really nailed it.”

To best describe Mojo Yak is to begin with its kayak-specific characteristics, each included to improve fishability or thwart the common challenges of operating in such tight, sometimes unforgiving quarters.

Unforgiving? Yes. Other than the comfort of your seat, every other square inch of a kayak is as hard as a rock. And somewhere out there is a graveyard of busted guides and rings.

To that cause, Mojo Yak features Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings and black frames. Durability and castability are served.

The rod’s handle was crafted with equal scrutiny. To build the best handle for the job, St. Croix collaborated with Winn, utilizing the company’s superior polymer grip technology. Super tacky, shock absorbent and comfortable, the patented material provides a sure-grip even when wet or cold.

And operating at water’s edge, a kayaker’s hands are seldom bone dry.

Mojo Yak’s shorter split-grip effortlessly manages fishing inside the kayak’s cockpit.

You’ll notice, too, that the butt end is rounded, letting the rod slide across the chest, catching less fabric.

“It’s like waving a magic wand,” said Benton Parrott, three-time IFA Kayak Tour champion, speaking to Mojo Yak’s special fishability in the kayak.

St. Croix Mojo YAK Fishing Rods

St. Croix Mojo YAK Fishing Rods.

“I’ve never had a rod move so airlessly, or grip as well, wet or dry. Although not an issue when pedaling, when you’re paddling your kayak it’s a constant switch from paddle to rod, and that tackiness makes the transition much smoother – no fumbling around.”

Let us not forget the intelligently crafted blanks, either.

Mojo Yak’s Integrated Poly Curve® engineered mandrel is mated with premium, high-modulus SCIII graphite, giving it the guts to serve double duty for anglers who need a rod capable of fishing multiple patterns perfectly.

St. Croix designers gave great consideration to overall rod balance when engineering the blanks giving kayak anglers improved performance by reducing tip weight.

St. Croix Mojo YAK Fishing Rods

St. Croix Mojo YAK Fishing Rods.

The new Mojo Yak is available in six spinning and two casting models, ranging from 7’ to 7’6” in medium-light, medium and medium-heavy powers.

The fast action rods deliver casting distance without sacrificing accuracy, and proffer generous backbone to hoist fish up from water level and the sensitivity to understand exactly where your lure lies beneath.

8 Models = 6 Spinning/2 Casting.

Spinning: MYS70MLF, MYS70MF, MYS70MHF, MYS76MLF, MYS76MF, MYS76MHF                     

Casting: MYC70MF, MYC76MHF.       

  • Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) mandrel technology;
  • Premium, high-modulus SCIII graphite;
  • Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings and black frames;
  • Fuji® DPS reel seat with black hoods on spinning models;
  • Fuji® ECS reel seat with black hoods on casting models;
  • Custom Winn split-grip handle;
  • Kigan hook-keeper;
  • Two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish;
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service;
  • Designed in Park Falls, WI.

Contact Us for current inventory and ordering details.

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