EZE Lap Diamond Sharpening Stone Fly Tying Tool B

EZE Lap Diamond Sharpening Stone & Fly Tying Tool.

“Our most versatile sharpeners, these models can sharpen anything – knives, scissors, etc. Some models have groves for fish hooks.”

EZE Lap Model S Hook Diamond Sharpener AA

The EZE Lap Model S Hook Diamond Sharpener.

The EZE Lap Diamond Sharpening Stone – Fly Tying Tool is 2-1/4″ Diamond D shaped shaft with groove for fishhooks.

The EZE Lap Diamond Sharpening Stone – Fly Tying Tool opens to 5-7/16″.

The EZE Lap Diamond Sharpening Stone – Fly Tying Tool stores in a pen type cap.

Perfect for stashing in your pocket, the EZE-LAP Diamond Pen Type Hook Sharpener features a 2” diamond D-shaped shaft with a groove especially for sharpening fish hooks. Its cap can be used to cover the sharpening shaft when not in use, and also serves as the handle when sharpening. Great for sharpening your knives, scissors, hooks, tools, etc.

EZE-LAP has been a pioneer of diamond sharpeners since the early 1970’s – offering the flattest, most consistent diamond sharpeners on the market today. You’ll be amazed by the quality and consistency of the finishes that the EZE-LAP Diamond Pen Type Hook Sharpener provides.

The EZE Lap Diamond Sharpening Stone – Fly Tying Tool is made in the USA.

EZE Lap Model S Hook Diamond Sharpener AA

A EZE Lap Model S Hook Diamond Sharpener.


“This is an awesome hook sharpener and will resharpen a hook quickly. Most high end hooks come extremely sharp but it always seems like you eventually hang your lure on a rock or something hard. Once that happens there is a good chance your hook point is no longer sharp. I keep this in my pocket when fishing because it is faster to sharpen that hook then it is to retie. If you are in a tournament seconds can make all the difference.”

Please contact us for information about other sharpening options.

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